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3am ramblings

Ok so last night at 3am I couldn't sleep. I didn't feel like walking back up stairs to turn my computer on. I ended up writing. Below is what I wrote before I got sleepy.

She stumbled blindly down the street trying to get away from the terro racing through her mind. Never in her yound life had she seen anything so ghastly. The brutality of it was beyond her comprehension.

She knew she had to hide. It was only time before they came after her. She didn't know of any place she would be safe.

As she was fleeing, fog started rolling in off the bay likfe a predator looking for its prey. It made the night even more fiercesome then it already was.

Her lungs were aflame from running. She was tiring quickly. He body was not used to such feats of athletecism. Yet, if she stopped they would get her too.

She had never known the true identities of those who claimed her husband's life. All Bella knew was that she had seen them before. Each time she saw them, someone was bruta…