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warming up the brain cells

Its time for me to start warming up the brain cells that have been laying dormant for so long. Next month, they will be running a marathon. It is time for the annual NaNoWriMo. That is the National Novel Writing Month. I heard about it for the first time in 2005. The last few years unfortunate incidences arose that prevented me from taking part. In 2005, we were hit by a hurricane and were without electricty for most of the month. Last year, my mom was extremely ill and was needing to be taken care of. This year, I told everyone that they aren't allowed any disasters. I want to take part in it.

So I am going to have to start warming up the brain cells if I am going to be able to write a novel in one month. Heck, half the time I never complete stories that I have already started.

I figured that if I have a time limit, then I will have more chances of completing it.

My Computer has Furry Babies

Many things can happen at midnight. Many things indeed. Boredom is usually the cause of many.

Last night, I was cruising around the internet looking for something interesting to do. I did not want to be bothered playing any of my MMOs that I subscribe to.

Finally, I found it. It is a little site called GoPets. It allows you to have different furry babies that you can take care of and watch grow. Its not like any of the other virtual pet games. This is quite different.

You still have to feed them and give them something to drink. However, have you ever seen a dog making apple juice before? I did last night. They can craft. There are many different things to craft.

You have to gain levels in order to be able to do certain things. Levels can be obtained through crafting, doing quests, playing games, etc. I played for quite some time last night. I am up to level 4. There are 30 levels at the moment.

There is a small program to download. You can visit other people's land.…

Splintered Icon

This book serendipitously fell into my hands. I had been very bored with reading lately. All of the books that are sitting here crying for me to read them, just haven't been grabbing my attention. Sure they are all books that I would normally devour. However, I was just wanting something different. Something that wasn't like my normal reading style.

The other day at work, Jodi (the center manager) was going through the old lost and found drawer. There were things sitting in there since ancient times. She decided to give items that were rather old to the employees. There was quite a bit of jewelry in the find. I am not one to be attracted to shiny objects.

One of the last things she pulled out was a book. She handed it over to one of the other girls. I was crest fallen at this. Out of everything there, that would be the one thing I would cherish. Books are my precious.

Thankfully, Vane doesn't like to read. She just let the book lay there. I snatched it up qui…

To Joost or not To Joost

The other day I literally stumbled upon a great new service on the internet called Joost. My mouth was salivating as I watched the promo video.

I couldn't wait to download it. This was internet TV at its easiest. I just needed to get my hands on that program and I would be watching away.

I quickly found the download page. I wanted to cry at what I saw. It wasn't fair. I had to get an invite from someone who was already using the service. It is still in beta testing and they don't want everyone to have it yet.

I felt like Willy Wonka on his search for the golden ticket. I was going from site to site. There had to be someone out there with extra invites that was willing to send me one.

Finally, I found one. I couldn't believe it. Could I really get this lucky?

Well, now that I am finally hooked up and happily watching, I am willing to send out invites to anyone that wants one. You just need to leave me an email address.

You won't believe some of the things you can watch...…

Lets add on another one

I went to the doctor's office today. My thyroid hormones are all within normal limits. I did have alot of hematuria though. My fasting blood sugar was 112. This is not good. They think that I am insulin resistant. That is the stage before you become diabetic. So its now or never to fight this thing. I am going all out in a war against it. I don't want to become diabetic. I take too many medications as is. They just added Tricor for elevated triglycerides. Its going to be so hard in this house though. There is so much junk food. I keep telling Debbie not to buy it. Well, I will just have to have more willpower.

I ended up having a renal ultrasound to find out why I have hematuria. The rad read it but it wasn't typed yet by the time I left to go home. However, I did see the tech notes on it and there is an abnormal area in my right kidney and my left kidney is larger then my right. I am not exactly sure if there was anything else. I will have to wait until tomorrow to find ou…

Novel Writing Warm Ups in 15 minutes

When he finally spoke, his voice was low and defeated. "I just don't think there is a way to stave off the attack." Marcus had finally given up. This was something entirely new to him. He had never before admitted defeat. However, even he realized that he was no match for the orc attackers.
Sofia gingerly placed her hand upon his shoulder. She knew that this was difficult for him to deal with. The lives of their town depended on this. They could not allow the orcs to take over.

There has to be a way out of this. There must be something that he over looked. He could not disappoint his family this way. Terror drove him. His little Chelsea needed a loving stable home to grow up in. The orcs would make sure that they lived in fear the rest of their lives if they even survived the attacks.

Krystae came pounding on the door. "Let me in. I think I figured out a way."

Krystae was the elderly crone of the village. She had known many magicks that no long…

Held within (Alchera Project 28 No. 6)

I don't know the details about this project. I didn't write them down at all. :-( Anyway, it ended up being a poem.

Looked away

Deep inside

Cold and bleary

I stay and hide

Emotions creeping

Just like vines

Trapping me

Inside my thoughts

Escape, escape

I need to run away

Stuck for an eternity

Choked by emotions

Bleak world

Void of color

The only sound

Is that of silence

It is time to emerge

From within my tomb

Break free from the vines

That I have chosen

Alchera Project 29 Number Grab Bag/Option No. Seven

Write ANYTHING, so long as all of the following words are used (different tenses may be used, though using the word exactly as it is would be preferred):

Egg nog Garland Snowshoes Fahrenheit Cloudy Stocking

Christmas of The Heart

My heart was cloudy and dismal as I went on with the day. Christmas was only a few days away. I couldn't shake the sadness that pervaded me. Christmas was an enchanted time of year when I was younger. As I grew older and more jaded, the spirit had left me. I had turned cold inside. My heart was a chilly 10 degrees fahrenheit. I felt that love could no longer blossom within the wintery land of my emotions.

The thought of spending another Yuletide without Craig caused an ache that ran deep. It was 5 years ago that his car skidded on the frozen highway. It was 5 years ago that he was stolen from me. I remember that night vividly. It was a chilly destitute night. Craig had ran out to the store to pick up some egg nog. He was afraid to let me drive in the horrible we…

Alchera Project #32 Option 7

This is a repost of an old project that I had taken place in. I miss the Alchera Project. It was really great. Unfortunately, life had slid downhill and I was unable to take place in it for awhile. When I went back again, it was gone. :-( This project was originally done on 3-9-05.

Anyway, here is some info that Laura had written on the site about this particular project.

Explanation of the option from Alchera Project: "I modified the Grab Bag option a bit this time, too. I felt requiring six random words might be too much of a time-consuming challenge with everyone's school and work loads, so while there are still six words, you are required to use only three of them. The three of your choice, actually, which makes the heading "Grab Bag" much more applicable to the actual fulfillment of the project.


Here is what I had written back then:

I was in the process of making a website for an online game that I play, World of War…

tired of Myspace

I had previously been on the Myspace bandwagon. However, I am so sick of all of the spam that you get. There are way too many requests from men wanting to hook up. That is not why I blog. I blog because I love to write. I blog because I feel that I have so much inside of me that no one wants to listen to. I blog to let it all out. There is just so much going on. I basically blog just for me. If people take the time to read what I write, well thats good. If they decide to comment on it as well, then thats even better. I love feedback. I love to be able to share opinions.