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2nd blast from the past

Yesterday was a complete shock. Yes I hear from Alex every now and then. So hearing from him the other day wasn't a big deal. He is constantly bugging me every few months or so. I believe the last time he bugged me was about a year ago.

However, yesterday I heard from Capt. Joe!!! I hadn't heard from him in years. It was so great to catch up with him. He was shocked how many people from the old crew that I had kept in contact with or at least knew what was going on in their lives.

I did get his cell phone number so we can keep in contact. He wants a bunch of us to get together and go out to dinner or something. That way we can catch up. It was really great to hear from him!!

blast from the past

Wow! I had a total blast from the past the other day. I am really not sure how I feel about it. There was a guy who I had been friends with ages ago. After my divorce, we started seeing more of each other. We became more then friends. I thought there was more to it then there was. He kept popping in and out of my life. Each time, he would leave my life I would get upset. I know my friend Krysta basically told me that I can't talk to him anymore. Well, the last few times he has contacted me, I have done good. He contacted me about a year ago and I didn't meet up with him. I knew where it was going to lead. Well, he once again contacted me. I realized that it is getting easier and easier to say no to him.

I would rather spend the rest of my life alone then to continue to allow myself to be walked all over by men. I know that some people are concerned about this attitude. If they had been my friend through all the trash that I have dated, then they would agree. I k…

The Dark Miasma of My Soul

Sitting alone in silence
Nothing but my thoughts
Darkness takes over
Chilling my heart
A tear slips down my cheek
Icy trail of salty emotion
Alone and empty
With no where to turn
And no where to go
Silence is no longer golden
It is dark and dismel
It pushes in on my soul
Taking me over so that
I am empty
Devoid of humanity
Just a shell of what
I once was
Where is the bliss I was promised
Its beyond my reach
I see people smiling
Don't they know there isn't a reason to go on?