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Work is a Prison

Ok so last night I dreamt that my job was a prison. I don't mean that I got a new job in a jail. I mean that my current job had bars on the windows and we were there doing time.

I guess that this would be a perfect metafor for the way that I am feeling about my job lately. I still like working with all the people there. Its just that every time I turn around someone is adding a new project to my plate. I already have way more things to do then there are hours in the day. (And I am not talking about 8 hour shift, I am talking 24 hour day!!)

It has gotten to the point that everything that they want me to do, just can't physically be done by one person. In fact, I don't think it can be physically done by two people. I am slacking off on so many of them because it is just too much. I am burning out really fast!

They keep wanting me to come in on weekends now to work overtime to get this stuff done. I am getting so burned out that I just don't want to. It is becom…

Forever Nymiste Part 2

Well, I woke up early this morning and got a little bit more writing done on the story. And I finally decided on the name for the story. Here it is. Let me know what you think of it.


Eirik reached out his hand to assist this stranger onto her feet. He pointed to himself and said Eirik in the hopes that she understood it was his name. He said his name again slowly so she could hear the pronunciation. He wasnt sure how different her language was from him.

He was assured that she understood when she smiled, pointed to herself and said Wakela. At least he now knew his new companions name. It was definitely an interesting sounding name. He could not wait to find out more about her. However, upon looking at her poor horse, he felt his heart sink. He knew that his curiosity would not be fulfilled anytime soon. Her horse was still weary from whatever had spurred her to leave her homeland. He would have to le…
Ok so I am really sad that tonight is the last episode ever of Charmed!!

The Newness of Everything

Well, Krys just got her new computer yesterday. She is still trying to get everything set back up on it & configured that way that she likes it. I just can't wait until she can get back into EQ2. It sucks that SOE messed the game up so that no one with Win98 or WinME can log in. They keep saying that they are trying to fix it, but it has been a few weeks now. That is just insane.

I ordered my new cell phone. I should have it on Tuesday. I found out that it was cheaper for me to order over the internet then to go to the store. I wasn't even charged shipping and handling. I am saving about $60. Plus there is a $20 rebate once I get the phone. So that is a HUGE savings.

The choice was for a new cell phone & get rid of the crap I have or an additional RAM chip for my puter. I decided that the cell phone was the more important of the two. I can't wait.

Grr!! I have been having a lot of problems sleeping lately. I get really tired all of a sudden, sleep for a…


I can't believe that there is only one more episode of Charmed left. It just seemed like one of those shows that will go on forever. Ok, so besides game shows like Wheel of Fortune & stuff like that, no show goes on forever. Except in reruns. Anyway, I am not sure how I feel about the way last night's episode ended last night. Since next week is the last episode, they technically don't have to put a bandaid on the situation to make everything better. I would hope that they would.

----------- Spoiler ---------------

For those of you who missed last night & don't want to know what happened until you see the beginning of next week, don't read any further.

First off, Billie has had more then enough clues given to her that something is not right with her sister. I know she is blonde, but come on! She is being stupid.

Secondly, why didn't the sisters' father call for coop when he saw that Wyatt was missing? I know that he doesn't want anyone magi…

Forever Nymiste Part 1

Ok so the writing bug has hit me again. This time, I am starting a work of fiction instead of poetry. Here is what I have so far. I still have a long way to go.
The sky was filled with ash. The smell of smoke and blood mingled in the afternoon air. The screams of many carried merciful pleads to her ears. Traveling swiftly away from her home, Wakela glanced back one last time with regret. She knew that unless she could find some help in a distant land, then she would never be able to return to Nymiste, the land of the elves. Spurring her horse Eoli faster, she sped on to an unknown future.

Her family and friends were all brutally murdered when the orcs rampaged their small hamlet. Very few were able to escape their wrath. She was only a fledgling conjuror so her powers were no match to the strength of the invasion. Her summoned elementals could barely make a scratch on the smallest of animals in the woodlands surrounding …


Well, this weekend pretty much sucked.

I worked on Saturday. That wasn't too bad. It was for overtime. The money is ok. I didn't have to answer phones. I spent the entire time in the back room on working on the router.
Afterwards, I ran a few errands for my mom.

On Sunday, I was taking a bunch of stuff out for the bulk pick up and I twisted my ankle. I actually could hear it pop. It has been hurting really bad ever since.

While at work today, I had one of the techs take an x-ray. My doctor had faxed over a prescription for it, so it was completely legit. The radiologist looked at the x-rays and there wasn't a fracture. I didn't think that there was, but I didn't want to be like my sister and walk around on a fracture for a week.