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Review–Aphrodite: Goddess of Love

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from First Second Books in exchange for an honest review.  I did not receive any form of compensation.I love the fact that this Graphic Novel brings the story of Aphrodite to the masses.  It makes it easy enough for kids to understand one of the Greek goddesses.  The pictures were stunning.There were some issues with the copy that I had received.  It was a little difficult to read since some of the panels were two pages.  So reading it on an e-reader didn’t work out as nicely as it would have if I were reading it in a paper format.  So if you plan on getting this book, then definitely spend the extra dollars and get it in paper format.  You will be able to appreciate it much more.

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love (Olympians): George O'Connor: 9781596437395: Books

ISBN: 1596437391
ISBN-13: 9781596437395

Auto Refresh for Firefox

This will take you through downloading, installing, and using the FireFox Auto Refresh add-on. If you have already downloaded the add-on, then please skip to step four. STEP ONE:Download the Auto Refresh add-on from by clicking on the gold box that says Add to Firefox STEP TWO:Once you have clicked download, you will have a box pop up warning about adding from an unknown author. I have been using this add-on for ages now and have had no problem. So it is ok to click install now. STEP THREE:Firefox will now ask you to restart. Go ahead and click restart. STEP FOUR:Open up a tab to the page that you want to auto-refresh. STEP FIVE:Right click on an area outside of the game. I usually pick the white area in the upper part of the tab. You will then see a menu pop up. STEP SIX:Hover your mouse over where it says Auto Refresh and a sub menu will pop up. STEP SEVEN:Select the time delay for your refresh by clicking on one of the op…

Review - 100 Poems: Old and New

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from Cambridge University Press in exchange for an honest review.  I did not receive any form of compensation.

One thing that I have always loved was good poetry.  I have been forever fascinated by the way in which ancient wordsmiths could spin phrases into such beautiful verses.  This book showcases Rudyard Kiplings talent in a way that no other can.

100 Poems:  Old and New houses 25 old well loved verses as well as 75 that had only been published once or twice in the past.  Most of the 75 "new" poems have not been seen in decades.  Many vanished with the magazines of yore.

There were so many wonderful poems in this book that it was very hard to choose a favorite amongst them.  I know that I absolutely loved the poem entitled "The King".  This showcases how too many times we, as a collective whole, spend our time looking back towards days gone by instead of focusing on the shiny and new days we are experiencing now.  Kipling rem…

The Wisdom of Hypatia

DescriptionHypatia was the most famous female spiritual teacher of ancient Alexandria. The mix of classical philosophies she taught to Pagans, Jews, and Christians in the fourth century forms the very foundation of Western magic and mysticism as we know it today. The Wisdom of Hypatia offers a progressive, nine-month program based on the teachings of this inspiring Pagan Neoplatonic philosopher. Discover how to bring purpose, tranquility, and spiritual depth to your life through exercises and techniques divided into three stages of wisdom: Epicureanism, Stoicism, and Neoplatonism. This virtual course in philosophy, well-being, and divine union is an essential and practical introduction to the ancient wisdom of the West. ReviewAs a pagan, I have always been interested in ancient times.  Hearing that this book was not only based on classical philosophy, but also a woman philosopher I became very much intrigued.This book takes you on a 9 month journey into yourself through the use of anc…

The Serenity Solution

DescriptionLearn how to harness a calm focus and use it consciously as a tool to solve problems and create the life you desire. With a major emphasis on how to maintain a calm, observant state of mind, become more aware of your focus when approaching life situations and be better able to see other options in getting past difficulties. Some of the ideas and strategies you will learn have been used for thousands of years by great thinkers and problem solvers across the world. Distilled here as a simple and ready-to-use guide, discover helpful hints, age-old wisdoms, and exercises that can be applied to any problem to help you increase your range of thinking. Do away with your negative outlook, and bring better health and relationships into full view. ReviewThere are so many books on the market that teach you how to live in the here and now through meditation or other means.  However, this was the first book that I have come across that not only addresses how to live in the present momen…

Mind, Body, Home: Transform Your Life One Room At A Time

Mind, Body, Home: Transform Your Life One Room at a Time by Tisha Morris
My rating: 5 of 5 starsDisclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.DescriptionAwaken to the energetic connections between you and your home. When you make conscious changes to your living space, you can transform your life and uncover your soul. Unlike other books of its kind, Mind, Body, Home presents your home as an integral component to holistic living. From foundation to roof, this essential guide correlates every component of your house with its physical, mental, or emotional counterpart in you. Your home becomes a reflection of you, and being more in tune with your home's energy will allow you to make positive changes in your life. Open the door to the heart of your home and discover a whole new way of seeing and living within it! ReviewMost books that I have read about using Feng Shui to transform the energy in the h…

Supermarket Magic: Creating Spells, Brews, Potions & Powders from Everyday Ingredients

Supermarket Magic: Creating Spells, Brews, Potions & Powders from Everyday Ingredients by Michael Furie
My rating: 5 of 5 starsDisclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.DescriptionThe tools of magic don't have to be expensive or difficult to find—they're right in your supermarket aisles! This easy-to-use book provides clear instructions for working simple and powerful spells—with only common ingredients.Perfect for Witches and all practitioners of natural and herbal magic, this essential guide explains all the basics of magic including ethics, meditation, timing, and basic charging techniques. There are clear instructions for working a wide variety of simple and powerful spells: clearing and cleaning, increasing harmony, healing, love, lust, beauty, luck money, protection, and honing psychic abilities. Discover how to whip up magical brews, powders, and oils using inexpensive items that …