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Lamb, a good read

A friend from work loaned me a great book to read. It's called Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. It was written by Christopher Moore.

Wow!! This is a really great book. It is completely tongue-in-cheek comedy. So please don't be offended by any of it if you are a hardcore christian. It is set in modern times. Supposedly, God has decided that a new Gospel was to be written. So he sent forth an angel to resurrect Christ's childhood friend Biff. This book chronicles Biff writing the Gospel and of the Gospel itself.

If you like Doulglas Adams, John Dechancie, Robert Aspirin and any author of that ilk, then you will definitely love this book. Be prepared to laugh your ass off. Christopher Moore is a wonderful author. He recently wrote a book called "You Suck!" Its a sequel to "Blood Sucking Fiends". If you haven't read anything by him, I suggest you run out to the local book store and pick something up by him!

silly online games

I just stumbled across a little game called OfficeDebo yesterday. It is a browser based game. You can do things like fish in the company water fountain, compete in chair races, attack other office workers, join a union and a ton of other crazy things. It is a really interesting way to waste some time. LOL

how stupid can you be?

I wouldn't believe someone could be this stupid until this happened at work.
One of the front desk girls came over into my office to ask for my help. She said that something was wrong with her scanner.
I went to her desk and noticed that it wasn't on. I pushed the on button and it wouldn't come on. The cord in the back was firmly in place. So I did the next logical thing. I made sure it was plugged into the wall socket. It of course wasn't. I told her it wasn't plugged in and that is why it wouldn't work.
Her response was "How would I know it wouldn't work if it wasn't plugged in?" My response was "Well, does you TV work if it isn't plugged in?"
The other girl at the front desk was laughing her ass off at this point. It was completely hysterical!!