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EQ2 expansion and other stuff

So I feel like crap again today. I can barely breath. Caroll was after me to get a chext x-ray the other day. I couldn't be bothered. Now I wish I had. Oh well. Too late now. I stayed home yesterday and today. Hopefully, I will feel better by Monday.

Last night Zorah told us in guild chat that the new expansion is called Rise of Kunark. I did a little checking around. I found the same thing mentioned on Warcry. Anyway, after a quick search of the US Patent & Trademark website, I can say that yes, SOE has trademarked the name. They have not announced when the expansion will be yet though.

Dreams and the Supernatural

Well I finally realized why it seems like everyone around me is arguing. Those of us who are sensitive to the energies of the planets are having to deal with mercury in retrograde. When mercury goes retro, it causes a breakdown in communications. At the moment, mercury is retro in pisces. Here is some info from Astrology on the Net.

Mercury retro in Pisces, the sign of his fall, creates mental and emotional confusion, with strange dreams and sometimes psychic experiences. Mental processes being entwined with emotions, we find it hard to separate ideas and opinions from passion and idealism. Our mental orientation can be unstable, unrealistic and overly-spiritual, but it also inclines to laziness and increases the urge to consume alcohol. Nervousness and stress, even unfounded fears and paranoia are stimulated, especially from working or living in a hostile environment. Maintain privacy and dignity in the working environment and don't try to read between the lines, when there is…

Dungeon Runner

Well, I got an invite to play a game called Dungeon Runners. It is a strange little game published by NCSoft. The names of items and descriptions of traits are off the wall. The game play is pretty basic. I am not sure how I feel about it yet, but I am probably going to play it for a while to check it out.

At this point in time, you can only play it by getting an invite directly from NCSoft or from someone already in game. There are two ways you can play. You can play for free or get a $5 per month membership. By having the membership, you have access to the bank, you can use elite items, etc. The highest level is 100. It will take forever to get there. Downside is you can only play a human and there are only 3 classes. I am hoping as the game is developed more, that they will bring out more classes.

new places

Well, I found out from my sister that we are moving to Kernersville, NC. I started doing some research on the area. I need to at least have certain things in the area for me to feel comfortable. I am so glad to see that there are two UUs in the area within driving distance. Only one of them has CUUPs though. The meetings are held once a month too. Oh well!! At least I can get back into that. I also found a metaphysical shop named Eclectic By Nature that I want to visit. There are pictures of it on the web. It looks like a cute store. It sort of reminds me of Magickal Forest. Unfortunately, there is no Eileen there! Who knows, maybe the owners are just as nice.

I also found this historical house right in the town that I am going to be living in. It looks so nice. They give tours daily. I want to go. Its called Kurners Folly. (or however its spelled).
I am starting to look forward to the move. I basically don't have anything left here. So I can start new there…


Well, I went to the GI doc today. He is one of the docs that Brenda works for. He was a really nice dr. He is having me get a bunch of labs done. He also gave me two meds to take. One of them was a bunch of samples of nexium. The other was for Levsin. I had never heard of that one before. He told me that it was a sublingual pill that you take when an episode starts. I used to take one like that back in the early 80s. It was the one that worked the best fr me. However, I stopped being able to get that one. In fact, most of the drs that I have gone to in the last ten years don't even remember it. Well, I just looked up levsin and it is the SAME med. It is just a different brand!! Awesome!! I just hope that its still going to help me after all these years.

Well, I finished off that book this morning. Robert Aspirin is one of the best. If you love fantasy and you love humor, then you will definitely love his books. His comedic timing is perfect!!

bored with what I have

I have become really bored with all the games that I have been playing. I really need something new!!

EQ2's Erolisi Marr day is a total snooze fest this year. The quest was over in a few seconds. The heart grab thing they have going on in Antonica is totally retarded. I just can't be bothered. I am bored with the quests. The guild I am in is really nice. I like the majority of the people in it. I am just really bored with the game. I know that I haven't hit 70 yet, but I am only a few bubs from ding anyway. So its not like it is a major difference.

CoH/CoV is an ok game. They do have some interesting things in the game. I am just so sick of ninja invites. Geez!! Would it hurt them to at least see if I am looking for a group? The Pocket D valentine event is a repeat of last year. There are different rewards, but I am not really interested in getting costume pieces with hearts on them. Bleh!!

I have not been able to find anything going on in GW. That is a ni…

Weirdness Abounds

Last nights dream was extremely bizarre. Even though when I think about the events, it seems like it was short. While I was having the dream, it seemed like it went on all night.

The dream starts out where I am sitting in the pool area of what looks like my old house. I am out there with another female, a six year old boy and a black poodle. The dog was not one that I had owned in the past. In fact, the female and the child did not even look like people I actually know.

While sitting there, the kids next door started shooting fireworks at us over the wooden fence. At first we thought that they were bad fireworks that even though they were aiming at the sky, they were coming over at us. Then we realized that they were intentionally pointing them into our pool area. Well, the little boy started running around with a firework chasing after him. I threw the kid into the pool to get him away from the firework.

I decided that I was going to go next door. In the wooden fence between …

move to hell is complete

Well, everything is all moved over. This totally sucks!! I hate it here. My computer is downstairs. I have it hooked up and I am using boxes to create a desk. Brenda offered to buy one and I pay her back later. I am just too tired and depressed to go to a store. I don't have internet access at the moment. I need to get a wireless router set up in order to even do that. Debbie offered to let me set my computer & desk up in her office. She was supposed to move the couch out so I could set it up. She knew that I would be completely moved over as of today. Do you think anything is moved? Of course not!! I hate my life!!

something has to give

My body is completely ready to break down. I was up until almost 1am trying to clean & pack more. I ended up with 2 more huge black bags of stuff I am tossing out. However, it feels like I am not even making a dent in this stuff.

Then I end up waking up at 5 am and puking for who knows what reason. I am having a lot of difficulties breathing lately. My heart has been feeling fluttery again. I literally feel like I could just drop.

my 444 experience

A few years ago, my mom had read a book called "Messengers" by Julia Ingram and GW Hardin. This book is supposedly a true story about a man named Nick Bunick who is able to communicate with angels. Nick states that one of the main ways that the angels communicate with us is through 444. He had started noticing that the number kept appearing in various ways whenever the angels were with him, such as time, signs, etc.

Well, today I was very upset and depressed. I was to the point that I wanted to walk out on my job. I finally left the office around 3pm to go get lunch. At Burger King, I ordered the Angus combo. This should have cost me a little over $5 since the base price without tax is $5.07. However, some way my bill came out to $4.44. I asked the guy if the total was correct. He said that it was. When I got the receipt none of it made sense. It was talking about the angus as only 98 cents and some fish sandwich. My order was completely correct though. I got th…

life is bleh

Well life has been totally sucky!! I am having to move in with Debbie & Steve. Their house is a total disaster area. There are boxes everywhere there. Nancy, Brenda & I went over to start moving some of my stuff there this weekend. The room that I am supposed to have still had some of their crap in it. That slowed us down a bit. We had to move that out. My body aches from head to toe. I have been puking all morning. I am pushing my body past its limits. But I need to. I have to be completely out of here for next weekend. I only have a little bit more to pack and move over there. Then I can completely just pass out. I keep ignoring the chest pains I have been having. I am not sure if they are anxiety related, stress related, or heart related. I have been putting off having my cardiac panel done again because I know its still going to be way too high.