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Searching for my long lost shaker of salt

Well, my little trip down to Key West was pretty good. It was nice and relaxing for the most part.

We started our trip by stopping in Sloppy Joe's for lunch. The food there was pretty good. The guy who was singing was pretty bad. Bleh! Hey you can't have it all!

Afterwards, Steve wanted to go on a bi-plane ride so Deb and I went shopping. Magical word that is! Steve chickened out while sitting in the plane. We met up back at the hotel.

Then we treked down to the Southernmost point. Steve was bossing people around so that he could get the perfect shot. Bleh! Like I said, the trip was pretty good. I could have done away with his bossiness and beligerence. Then we toured the place touted as the "Southernmost House". However, there were like 2 places that were further south of that. Not sure what that was about. We walked back to the hotel to rest for a little bit. I was getting overheated and swelling pretty badly.

After our rest, we went to a restaurant on the boardwalk ca…

bizarre week

I am so glad that this week is almost over. It has been extremely insane. I am not sure how everyone else is fairing this week. I feel like I have definitely stepped into the Twilight Zone. There are a few weird things that truly stood out above the rest.

Yesterday, one of the managers from one of our other centers called up. I answered the phone. She identified herself and then asked "Are you phones working?" I really wanted to give a sarcastic answer, but since she was a manager I couldn't. I mean really!! What was she thinking? Of course the phones were working if I answered them.

After helping a patient on the phone, she told me "Merry Christmas". Umm... ok... We are still in August. Maybe they moved Christmas?? Heck, if they can randomly decide to move daylight savings time, maybe they can just move holidays around too.

I had some labwork done on Monday. It wasn't too bad. They only took 5 vials of blood this time. I have to wait two weeks for my results …

Searching in the Tropics

I found an interesting writing prompt online. It gives you the setting, the first few words of your story, and several more words that you must use in your story. You then give yourself 10 minutes to write.

Setting: at a resort
Starting phrase for story: Nice guys
Four words you must include in your story: quest, lopsided, drag, and poem

Nice guys seem to be a rare species. Stephanie and I decided that we were no longer going to wait for them to show up on our doorsteps. We made it our quest to go in search of them ourselves.

We thought long and hard as to where we wanted to search. We were both very stressed out from our jobs. It had become a total drag. So we decided to go stay at a luxurious resort so that we can be pampered as we plotted how to best locate these nice guys we kept hearing about.
Our flight left around nine in the morning. It was a peaceful time. Just knowing that we had two weeks off from work seemed to relax us immensely. We reached our destination in the late…

What do people have against Hashimoto's?

Ok I am completely irritated still. I had someone say something to me last night that really had me upset. This person doesn't know what I live with on a daily basis. He barely even knows me. Last night, someone I just met over the weekend told me "I know a lot of people with Hashimoto's. Its really no big deal. You shouldn't worry about it."

Does this person know what its like to live with Hashimoto's thats out of control?

Does he wake up feeling like he never slept at all? Even after sleeping for 12 or 14 hours?

Does he have days where it hurts to raise his arms up while trying to brush his hair and its all due to his muscles being fatigued that day?

Does he know what its like to be able to pass a mensa pre-test one day and then a few days later barely able to put a sentence together because his disease has given him brain fog?

Does he know what its like to be a 35 year old female whose body has prematurely aged to the point of already having menopause…