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I did a quick reading on myself today with the Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud to find out what if anything will happen between me and this guy that I am somewhat interested in. Here are the results:

Mikle A Muckle - Lighten up! What is needed here is the benefit of a childlike, trusting heart and childlike wisdom, seeing directly to the true nature of things. Don't complicate matters. What you see is what you get. Don't look for hidden and subtle meanings and motivations because they are not there in this case. Go to the heart of the matter, the simple core hidden behind complexities. Don't be so caught in thinking about the future that you can't see what is happening now. Welcome adventure into your life. Try something you've never done before. And take some time to play with Mikle before you turn into a grumpy glumph or a worn-out wurg.

Sylvanius - At this time you are discovering new truths about yourself. They are essential for you to know in order to create relati…

I HATE Drunks

My uncle finally made it down from Canada yesterday. He was supposed to have been in town on Saturday, but missed his flight. Instead of calling us right away, they waited until he was already supposed to be at our house to call and let us know. Well yesterday was a LLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG day!! Many in my family are alcoholics. My uncle is one of them. Any excuse to drink is a good one. He was drunk when he got in. He was even drunker when he passed out last night. Somehow in the middle of the night, he ripped down the shower curtain and got it soaking wet. My mom is wondering if he pee'd in the tub instead of the toilet or something. I don't think I will be able to handle 3 weeks of this. I night was more then enough for me!!!!

delusional dream

Last night I barely slept. First, I was so hyper that it took forever to fall
asleep. Then when I did sleep, I had the most bizarre dreams ever! At one point,
I woke up in the middle of the night and stayed awake for over an hour. I was so
tempted to get out of bed and play GW. I decided not to.

The first dream
I walked into the back room. It was decorated different then it is today. There
was an old couch there and one of those mirrors they use in hospitals to see
around corners. The mirror was hanging in the ne corner of the room. There was a
round red clock hanging next to it. It reminded me of my mom's old Coca-Cola
thermometer that hung in that room years ago. Anyway, there was this HUGE
spider sitting on the top of the mirror. The body of the spider had to have been
at least 3 inches wide. The legs were long and thick. It jumped off the wall
scampering towards me. As it did, it knocked the mirror and the clock off the
wall. I was frozen in fear. I couldn't look away from the section …