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Cheesy Chicken Tater Tots

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Post by Norma Wilkinson Wills.

Upside Down, Countdown & Take Down

ReviewI have been sitting here for a few days attempting to figure out how to write this review.  Fern Michaels is one of my beloved authors.  I can't get enough of her books.  However, I really feel that these fell short.  The plot was great in Upside Down, but it really ended abruptly.  And that is mainly because this is the first in a series about the guys behind the sisterhood.  This book is only a partial story.  This and the next two books (which will be published shortly after this one) are all part of the same story.  In fact, I didn't even feel like this was done because the story was extremely involved and needed to be broken down into 3 separate novel length books.  Instead, these books felt more like novellas to me.  I am really not quite sure who decided upon breaking them up.  I really wished that they hadn't.  So I would suggest getting this book, but waiting until you can get all three at once.  Otherwise, you will just be frustrated if you can't read t…