Upside Down, Countdown & Take Down



I have been sitting here for a few days attempting to figure out how to write this review.  Fern Michaels is one of my beloved authors.  I can't get enough of her books.  However, I really feel that these fell short. 

The plot was great in Upside Down, but it really ended abruptly.  And that is mainly because this is the first in a series about the guys behind the sisterhood.  This book is only a partial story.  This and the next two books (which will be published shortly after this one) are all part of the same story.  In fact, I didn't even feel like this was done because the story was extremely involved and needed to be broken down into 3 separate novel length books.  Instead, these books felt more like novellas to me. 

I am really not quite sure who decided upon breaking them up.  I really wished that they hadn't.  So I would suggest getting this book, but waiting until you can get all three at once.  Otherwise, you will just be frustrated if you can't read them back-to-back. 

In fact, I am really having a hard time trying to come up with writing three separate reviews on what should have been one book. 

Now that I got that part of the review over with.  I am going to treat the three books like all one book. 

OMG!  When read together as one story, it is freaking awesome!  So yes, if you are in love with the sisterhood series & love the guys, then you must read these books.  The guys aren't nearly as brutal as the women in the sisterhood.  Then again, they did usually get a little squeamish when the women would dole out their brand of justice.  But that doesn't deter them from attempting to dole out some of their own.  Heck, even hard core Harry would cringe at some of the things that they had done.

I hope that Fern Michaels writes more about the guys.  I would like to see a full novel and not have the story broken up into 3 books.  I guess technically the third one can be considered a separate story in a way since it was against a different corporation.  However, this third plot was discussed in the first two books.  And was really brief.  Like I said earlier, these three books could have all been in one novel. 

Don't bypass these stories because of their length or that the story is chopped up.  You will definitely want to read them since they are still part of the sisterhood mythos. 

Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

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