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Health Update

Well, things seem to be turning around for me.

I am still seeing that GI dr that my sister works for. The meds he put me on seem to be helping greatly!!! I just hope that eventually I will be able to eat salads and popcorn again.

I have been going to a new endocrinologist for 1 month now. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with hypothyroidism. Last year I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. During all of that time, I have NEVER been even close to normal range. After being put on Armour for only one month, MY LABS ARE NORMAL!!! Just seeing that paper today I was so happy. It was great. I had almost given up hope of ever having a normal life again. I miss the days when my brain would think rapidly. I miss the days when I was thin. I miss the days when I had tons of energy. I thought that it was out of reach. I was finally given hope again. Dr Abelove said that it will take my body some time to get normal again, but I should have no problem. Even though I was within normal, …

Crazy Shit

One of my guildmembers in EQ2 was telling us about some cartoon that he had grown up watching in New Zealand. It was the most bizarre thing to the point that we thought he may have been making it up or something. There was just no way that there was a children's story about trouser snakes and witches turning policemen into apple trees. Well guess what!! It is real!

You can actually read the entire story on this site here. I can't belive that I actually read all the way through it. It is so bizarre. The pictures are equally bizarre. Wait till you see the pic of the dog playing the piano with his tail.

frustration with the system

Well, I saw a new thyroid doc a little over a week ago. Maybe almost two weeks ago. Hmmm... Time still has little meaning to me. Anyway!!! This doc put me on Armour! I had taken this stuff awhile ago and felt a lot better on it. Unfortunately, that was during the time I had no health insurance and had to order my meds from out of the country over the internet. Yeah I know thats not too safe. However, I couldn't be without thyroid medicine completely.

Anyway, this new doctor actually LISTENED to my complaints and concerns. I told him how all the other endocrinologists kept switching me back and forth from Synthroid and Levoxyl. I told him how even though I had been on all different doses of both medicines, I just kept getting worse instead of getting better. He immediately put me on a replacement dose of Armour. I haven't been on it too long, but I can already feel a slight difference. I know that it will take awhile for my body to recover. Hell!! I was diagnosed with hypothyroi…