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Thanks for all the support that I have been getting. Sometimes I feel so alone, so it is always nice to know that people actually do care.

I just went to the new endocrinologist. I am not sure what to think of him. My mom insisted that she go to "help" me remember my symptoms. I had them all written down on a piece of paper though. Well, she basically made the doctor think that I am just majorly a depressed person because of all the difficulties I have had in my life. I feel I handle those pretty well. The reason I get moody and depressed is because of the way I feel physically. I hate knowing that I am smarter then I appear. Its just so difficult for me to think at a normal speed anymore. It takes me so long to try to formulate the words.

This doctor thinks that I don't just have hypothyroidism as all the other endocrinologists think. He feels that I have hashimoto's thyroiditis. This is where your autoimmune system is actually attacking the thyroid. People who have f…


Well, I know that I haven't really posted anything in a very long time. The last few things that I have actually posted were just quizes. There has been a lot of shit going on with me.

My thyroid condition has worsened greatly. I finally found a great pcp to go to. Anyone in the south florida area needing a good pcp, you need to check out Dr. West-Ky Abrams. He is great! Anyway, he did a lot of testing on me and my thyroid. I went through a nuclear medicine study of my thyroid and found that I have cold nodules on it. Basically, there are a two main types of nodules that can be found. Hot nodules which are never cancerous. And cold nodules which could be either cancerous, benign, or cysts. So he sent me for an ultrasound of my thyroid. The majority of what they found were cysts. There are some solid nodules that I need to have biopsied though. I did some research and found out that only 1% of solid thyroid nodules are actually cancerous. So I don't have too much worry about th…