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New Year, New Start, New Hope

I have been putting off posting for awhile.  My health really declined in the second half of 2016.  In fact, 2016 ended with me having a stroke and finding out that I am now diabetic.It has been stressful and frustrating.  I am only 45 years old and I am now having to use a walker.  I am terrified of going out anywhere because we live on the second floor and I am not sure how to manage the stairs with a walker.I am relearning how to do many simple tasks.  One thing I did learn is that when I had thought I had a stroke a few years back and the hospital I went to kept telling me that I didn’t have one, they were not right.  I was told that the lesion on my brain was from a previous stroke.  So I had already been suffering from one for a long time.  Thankfully, neither stroke was terribly horrible.  The first one left me a little weak on my left side.  Oh yeah, by the way, I am left handed.  I was still able to get in and out of the bath/shower.  However, my left leg had to be dragged ov…