New Year, New Start, New Hope

I have been putting off posting for awhile.  My health really declined in the second half of 2016.  In fact, 2016 ended with me having a stroke and finding out that I am now diabetic.

It has been stressful and frustrating.  I am only 45 years old and I am now having to use a walker.  I am terrified of going out anywhere because we live on the second floor and I am not sure how to manage the stairs with a walker.

I am relearning how to do many simple tasks.  One thing I did learn is that when I had thought I had a stroke a few years back and the hospital I went to kept telling me that I didn’t have one, they were not right.  I was told that the lesion on my brain was from a previous stroke.  So I had already been suffering from one for a long time.  Thankfully, neither stroke was terribly horrible. 

The first one left me a little weak on my left side.  Oh yeah, by the way, I am left handed.  I was still able to get in and out of the bath/shower.  However, my left leg had to be dragged over the side of the tub to get in and I had to use a shower chair because I couldn’t stand that long.  I already had a shower chair due to seizures though. 

So that is all old news.  I just got my packet from the Health Care District.  So I am now cleared for the county clinic now.  I still need to get my application for the disabled van.  My case for disability is still pending though.  I had to submit new information since I had the stroke in December.

All of these new medicines I am on is completely messing with my stomach.  They definitely didn’t sit right.  So I had to add Pepcid to all the other medicines I am on.  I used to laugh when my mom told me that she took so many pills that she rattled when she walked.  Now I know what she feels like.  I take 9 pills in the morning and 5 pills at night.  Then they wonder why I am having trouble keeping food in me.  Bleh!

I am just so grateful that I am alive.  The night that I had the stroke was very scary.  I woke up with the room spinning and I was feeling really weird.  It took everything I had to get from my bedroom to the living room (and they aren’t far from each other).  I barely made it to the couch.  I tried to call out for my sister to help me, but I could barely talk above a whisper.  It took me about an hour until I could get her attention.  She then called 911.  The EMTs completely humiliated me.  I know I am obese.  However, if you have a patient who is clearly exhibiting signs of a stroke, you don’t make them walk down the stairs.  I was terrified trying to walk down.  Everything was spinning, I couldn’t really see the stairs very well.  I thought I was going to fall.  They just kept telling me that I didn’t have a stroke and not to worry because I will be fine walking down the stairs. 

I knew the signs and symptoms to look for since I had worked in the medical field (including in the ER) for all my working life.  My sister also has worked in the medical field for even longer than me.  We both noticed the signs.  My speech was slow and slurred.  I could barely support myself on one side of my body.  I couldn’t smile on both sides of my mouth.  The left side drooped when trying to smile.  Plus a myriad of other signs and symptoms.  Instead the Boynton Beach EMTs just treated me like I was a hypochondriac who didn’t know what she was talking about.  That was my first ride in an ambulance and hopefully my last.  Especially since those EMTs were assholes.  I used to know a lot of EMTs from when I worked in the ER years ago.  Those guys were really nice and I doubt they would have treated a patient the way I was treated. 

One thing my sister said was that at least I can cross riding in an ambulance off my bucket list.  I told her that if that was on my bucket list, then I really have a crappy bucket list.  LOL!  I have to admit that I have never created a bucket list.  So as one of my New Years resolutions, I am going to write a bucket list.  Even if it will be full of things that I can never accomplish, I will still at least make a list of things that I have always wanted to do.

Now that I know I am diabetic, my eating has to change completely.  Hopefully, with the proper medicines and new eating habits, I will be able to lose some of this weight.  Yes, I admit that some of my weight problems are due to overeating.  However, a lot of my weight issues are because of my health problems.  When you have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, you are prone to weight issues (especially if you are not on any for of medicine). 

Well, this year should be much better for me.  I hope that all the issues of last year are left behind.  I will get back on track with posting on my blog and hopefully, living a better life.

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