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Well, this week at work has been insane. Thankfully, I work at a great place. Then again any place is better then my last job. Our computer network keeps going up and down all week. Transcription is a few days behind because of it. They work off the same network that we do.

I actually enjoy going into work. We have a lot of fun. There is a guy at work that we make fun of behind his back though. Vanessa nicknamed him Mickey Mouse. So every now and then we start singing the song. He walked into the room that I sit in with Carol, Dulce, and Farah. We had been talking about him and were all laughing hysterically. He said he wanted to know what we were laughing at because he needed to laugh. That just made Dulce laugh even more. What could we say? "Ummm... gee we were laughing at you."?? That wouldn't have been good. Wednesday was a medium size bag of M&M's day. The six of us went through the entire bag in less then an 8 hour shift. Yesterday, we still had 1/4 of the b…

update on new job

Well, it has been a while since I have posted last. The new job is going great. I really like my coworkers. The radiologist is a sweetheart. He is always saying "do stress it, it isn't that important" and asking if we are ok. They don't let patients cuss at us. If the patients do, then they are asked to leave the center. Besides, we really don't have that type of clientele. The patients we get there are much classier.

Farah was having preterm labor the other day. They sent her home from work. Carol and I go out to lunch alot. We have ended up at this pizza place at least once or twice a week for the past 3 weeks. They know us now. Its to the point that when we walk in, they start making our order. Dulce is a trip. She is always joking around.

The other day was so funny. It was a very light day at the office. Vanessa was in the file room. She forgot that there was a huge window in there. She was dancing around all crazy. Next thing she realizes, there was a car park…

Sunday Brunch - A Day Late

1) What is your birthday, what time were you born, what astrological sign are you, and what city and state were you born in? Oct 8, 1971 6:45 pm sun sign-Libra, moon sign-Gemini, Ascending-Aries. Hollywood,FL
2) Are there any famous events or famous people that share your special day?yep. tons of em. Frank Herbert, David Carradine, Paul Hogan, Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver
3) What did you do to celebrate your last birthday? it was boring. I called in sick to work & slept. I needed it though. that job was a killer
4) What is your best birthday celebration that you can remember? I have never really been into celebrating my birthday.
5) What is the best birthday present you have ever received? I hate to admit that I don't really recall getting any "great" presents. tons of little things, but nothing awesome that stuck in my mind.


First off, Blessed Beltaine for all those pagans out there.

Second, Brenda & I went to the Beltaine festival at the UU of Fort Lauderdale yesterday. We had a fun time selling her soaps. It was a very surreal day. We are so used to having K & E there selling. However they couldn't make it. Linda showed up. I haven't seen her in ages. Plus Diane showed up with Patty. I haven't seen Patty since she was pregnant. Her "baby" is now 4!!

Our booth was next to Dingo's, so we were talking to him quite a bit.

Anyway, Brenda had a certain amount of sales that she had hoped for. Right before the ritual, we had almost hit that mark. We were only $2 shy of it. So I told her not to worry. That we would have some sales after the ritual. Boy was I right. Brenda has these really cool candles that she sells. Well, someone came after the ritual and bought us out of the pillar candles. Plus she bought 3 of the jar candles. Well, Dingo got interested to see what the big deal…