Living in Bizarro World

Yesterday at work was extremely insane. It just seemed like all the patients had smoked some wacky weed or something before coming into our center.

I gave one lady the sign in sheet and asked her to sign in and sit down. She decided to take the sign in sheet to sit down with her. So when the next person went to go sign in, we had to search for the sheet. She said she thought it was papers for her to fill out. She had been sitting there for ten minutes staring at the paper trying to figure out what she needed to do. How hard is it to see what to do on a sign in sheet? Most medical facilities have something like this. Wow!

DP had brought a Christmas dog to work. Its this animated dog on a sleigh that when you squeeze its ear, it barks out Christmas carols. It was cute the first few times. However, every time we turned around, DP was squeezing its ear. It really got annoying after awhile.

I was working at the front desk yesterday. There are two windows that open up for patients to be registered at. I was working one and CS was working the other. Right behind us there is a painting on the wall. It is of a cottage. It looks like a Thomas Kincade, but I couldn't find it on his site. So I am not sure if it was really done by him. Anyway, CS was registering a patient when the patient started talking about the painting. At first it was the normal, "Oh that is so pretty! It looks so calm and relaxing." Then all of a sudden the woman says "By the looks of that car there I would say it is the 1930s." Thank goodness the woman couldn't see my face. There is no car in the painting at all. I had to get up and walk away before I bust out in laughter. Later on, I was staring at the painting and CS asked what I was doing. I told her that I was waiting for the car to drive back up.

I had another guy come up and say that he had back xrays and foot xrays done the previous month, but the doctor only got the back results. So I looked up his reports and found that he only had a back xray done. He argued that his doctor had ordered both and it was on the same prescription. So I went into the computer and pulled up a copy of the prescription. I printed it out so he could see that they only had ordered the back xray. He kept insisting that he had a foot xray done. I went back to the tech station to see what images we had on file for the patient. There were only back xrays. I went up front and told the patient that. Then I asked him how many films were done and how did they position him. He explained it to me. What he described was a back xray. When I pointed out that he didn't have his foot anywhere near the xray machine, he said that he thought it was all done all together.

I know that there was more that happened, but I can't think of what off the top of my head. I will try to take a picture of the painting at work today.

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