Thursday Thirteen #7 - Favorite Computer Games


Thirteen Computer Games That Wakela Likes

1. EverQuest 2 -  I have several characters in this game.  They just added a bunch of new content to the game, so I am running around checking everything out.

2.  City of Heroes - It is so cool to create a character that looks like a super hero.  I read tons of comic books as a kid. 

3.  Halo - I love all versions of this. 


4.  Prince of Persia - The graphics in this game are well done.  The game play is solid.  I love the entire feel of the game.

5.  Chocolatier 1 & 2 - Its a neat little game where you have to go around buying and selling chocolate to build your chocolate empire. 


6.  Thief:  Deadly Shadows - The storyline in this is incredible.  It is a little bit intricate in all of the things you have to remember, but it is a lot of fun.

7.  Clive Barker's Jericho - I love Clive Barker as a writer.  This game adaptation is brilliant!


8.  World of Warcraft - I am not just saying that because it is one of the biggest MMOs out there.  I actually do like it.  Not as much as I love EverQuest 2, but I still like it.


9.  Azada - If you are the type that likes to solve puzzles, then this is a game for you.  There are all different types of puzzles to solve.  It is really a challenge.

10.  The Sims 2 - I have all of the expansion packs for this game.  Its fun creating new families and homes.  I love decorating the homes too.


11.  Pirates of The Caribbean Online - I got this one on a whim.  You can either do the free to play or you can pay for expanded content.  It is alot of fun.  I am not that great at the ship combat yet. 


12.  Christmasville - I love hidden object games.  This was one of the silliest yet.  I laughed hysterically as I was playing.  I don't want to spoil the storyline for those that want to give it a go.


13.  Brain Spa - This one helps to build the brain up.  Its not boring like Brain Age on DS.  This one is alot of fun.  There are different types of exercises to do.  As you do more exercises, more of the game opens up to you. 

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