An oldie from the past

I just came across an old game that I used to play ages ago.  It was a lot of fun.  However, with everything that was going on in my life, I didn't have time to play games.  So I had stopped playing it and forgot all about it.

The game is called Sleuth.  Its a free online game.  Its a basic murder mystery game.  You create a detective that you get to play through all of your cases.  While creating your detective, you get to choose your detective's background.  The background is what you were before you became a detective.  The game is set in the detective noir era.  It is all text based with a few pictures added for flavor. 

The game itself is free, however you can get a subscription to it.  I had one on my previous character.  I can't remember the password for that one though.  smile_embaressed  So I had to create a whole new character.  If you play for free, you get to play 4 cases per day and only stay in New York.  If you decide to get the subscription, then you get 12 cases per day and you can participate in special cases.  Plus you can travel to several other countries.  You can also join a detective agency.  They can help on cases that you are stuck on.

I did also find a great little helper for solving cases.  The cases in the first few tiers are relatively easy.  So I was able to solve them without much difficulty.  However, as you progress, the cases get increasingly difficult.  I found myself with scratch papers all over the place taking notes and trying to figure it out.  There is a website that makes life easier for the game.  Its called Doctor Watson.  If you decide to check out the game, I highly suggest using Doctor Watson too.

Well, I am off to solve a few cases. 


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