Photo Scavenger Hunt Swap

I am currently participating in a few swaps over at Swap-Bot.  One of them is a photo scavenger hunt.  Here are my submissions for this swap.


1.  Something Red

key west 414

This was taken on my trip to Key West a few months ago. 


2.  Food

key west 361

This is the famous Sloppy Joe's Restaurant down in Key West. 


3.  Child

abigail 2

My great niece Abigail getting her first wash up after being born.  She looks so peaceful there.


4.  Nature


This sunset was taken from my front porch after hurricane Wilma had hit. 


5.  Animal


Our border collie, Max.


6.  Coffee/Tea


This is our tea/coffee cabinet.  It is filled with nothing but different varieties of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.  I love the hot chocolate the best.


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