Sleuth part duex

Woohoo!  I finally figured out my password for my old character.  Its not one I normally use.  At least I can get back in and play on Wakela again.  I also have the one I just created the other day.  Her name is Sankara.  So if anyone of you feel so inclined, feel free to message me in game.

Unfortunately, since I had been gone for several months, the agency I was in, Ona Mission, had to boot me out to make way for new people.  Agencies can only have so many people in them depending on their level.  I just sent a message to one of the officers.  Or so I thought.  I had noticed that Stooby had sent me a message.  I answered him back finally.  Well when I did a little snooping around, I found out that he and a few others from Ona are now in a new agency.  He is one of the directors.  I am not sure how or why this happened.  Oh well! 

I am sure that I will eventually join another agency.

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