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Kids ages 8—12 will love these 22 exciting activities and experiments focused on producing and playing with renewable energy. Projects range from the quick and simple — like the Pie Plate Wind-Maker — to the thrillingly large-scale, like Pedal Power, in which kids use a bicycle to power a 12-volt battery. Each activity teaches children about renewable energy and larger environmental issues. Education doesn’t get more fun than this! Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun offers more than enough to get any kid charged up about renewable energy.

Book Review


Are you looking for ways to teach your child about environmental issues?  Are you hoping to show your child how to create a greener future?  Is your child just generally interested in science and experiments?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you need to get this book.

First off, the author explains the impact that the current sources of energy are having on the planet.  He does it in fun and easy to understand ways.

He then gives you all different types of experiments and projects for you and your child to do.  Each project/experiment directly relates to the information the author just presented.

A perfect example would be how the author illustrates the use of coal and how it is transformed into energy to light your house.  The author then suggests to try living electricity free for one day to demonstrate our need and reliance on electricity.  He offers different suggestions on what you can do.  He also mentions food for the day and other necessities.  Doing this will actually show your kids the impact they are having on the earth by just the simple things they can take for granted.  It will help spur a lively discussion on what you can do to help lessen your impact on our planet.

There are many other experiments & projects throughout the book.  Plus there are articles on other kids who are doing projects on community level in hopes of helping the planet.

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