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When her comatose husband died in the ICU while on life support, the whispers about Dr. Elena Gardner began. Another death during her training puts her under suspicion. When the pattern is repeated in the hospital where she is attempting to start over, the whispers turn into a shout: “mercy killing.” What is the dark secret that keeps Allison’s lips sealed when she should be defending herself?

Despite her move to a new city, the midnight phone calls that started after her husband’s death follow Elena. Who is the woman who sobs out, “I know what you did?” What does she mean by “You’ll pay?” And what can Elena do to prevent it?

Two physicians, widowers themselves, offer support, telling Elena they know what she is going through after the death of her husband. But do they? And is it safe to trust either of them with her secret?

Book Review


This book is the third in a series.  However, this was the first one that I read.  Thankfully, the author did such a superb job that I did not feel lost or like I was missing something. 

Having worked in the medical field since the late 80s, I can be a little overly critical of medical dramas and mysteries.  I know what is possible and what is just over the top.  This book was so well written that I enjoyed every minute and can honestly say that there were no head shaking moments because of medical errors.  Since the author is a physician himself, he was able to accurately write this story.  Yet, he doesn’t bog the reader down with over use of medical terminology.  I know many of my friends who get frustrated by not knowing what things mean.  This book will surely not cause that type of frustration in the reader.

This was a fast paced thriller that I did not want to put down at all.  I kept me on edge.  The few times that I had to put it down, I was just itching to run over and pick it back up.  I just had to find out what happened next.

You can see the book trailer at Diagnosis Death on Animoto.

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