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The Twenty-First Wish by Debbie Macomber

Anne Marie Roche and her adopted daughter, ten-year-old Ellen, have each written a list of twenty wishes—on which they included learning to knit. But Ellen has quietly added a twenty-first wish: that her mom will fall in love with Tim, Ellen's birth father, who's recently entered their lives….

Coming Unraveled by Susan Mallery

When Robyn Mulligan's dreams of becoming a Broadway star give way to longing for her childhood home, she returns to Texas, running her grandmother's knitting store. But the handsome, hot-tempered T. J. Passman isn't making it easy on her. If he can learn to trust Robyn, and overcome his tragic past, they just might discover a passion like no other.

Return to Summer Island by Christina Skye

After a devastating car accident, Caro McNeal is welcomed by a community of knitters on Oregon's sleepy Summer Island. She also finds meaning and purpose in the letters she exchanges with a marine serving in Afghanistan. But when life takes another unexpected turn, will Caro pick up the threads of hope, opening her heart to wherever it takes her?

Book Review


This was a wonderful set of short stories all brought together under one common theme – the love of knitting.  I never learned to knit or crochet because I just wasn’t coordinated to do it.  My mom, however, would sit for hours on end with needle and yarn in hands.

At the start of each story, there is a knitting pattern provided that ties in with the story.  I can’t judge if they are simple or not because I don’t knit.  But they did sound very interesting.

Twenty-One Wishes by Debbie Macomber

I have been a long time fan of Debbie’s work.  She lived up to my high expectations of her. 

Twenty-One Wishes is part of her Blossom Street series.  This one follows along as Anne Marie Roche and her adopted daughter Ellen make a tough transition of moving off of Blossom Street.  Tim, Ellen’s biological father, wants to spend more time with not just Ellen, but Anne also.  To add another ball of yarn into the mix, Anne is dating Mel, who gets extremely jealous but just doesn’t get her heart pumping. 

Coming Unraveled by Susan Mallery

This is the first story I had read by Susan.  I really enjoyed it.  I know that this is part of a series that she has going on.  So I know that I will be tracking down more of her books.  In fact, this is supposed to be a prequel to one of her books.

Robyn is a failed actress returning to her hometown.  She goes to work for her grandmother and her friends in her store, Only Ewe.  The elderly women who run the store befriend T.J. Passman who instantly becomes wary of Robyn.  Do they have the ability to overcome the tension between them?

 Return to Summer Island by Christina Skye

This is the first story that I had read by Christina.  This was my least favorite out of the three.  It was still an okay story.  I just felt that she could have done so much more with it.

Caro is trying to overcome the car accident that she was in.  Lt. Grayson is getting ready to head back to Afghanistan.   He was supposed to leave his pets with a friend of his, but his friend became seriously ill and unable to care for them.  So Gage did the only thing he could think of.  He left them at an animal shelter in hopes that they get adopted by a loving family.  Little did he know that Caro would be the one to adopt them.

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