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RelaxZen Day



Stress affects the body and mind. RelaxZen works with your body to de-stress your mind, increase your focus and balance your mood. With natural herbs, vitamins and amino acids, there’s never been a better time to live a RelaxZen Life.

RelaxZen Night



Sound sleep is the foundation of a healthy life.  A good night's sleep can help with everything from weight control to improving memory.  RelaxZen NIGHT's sleep ingredients help you get the best night's sleep you have ever had.


Product Review


The first thing I did when I received my shipment was to look at the ingredients on the bottles.  The majority of the ingredients I already knew about.  When I saw valerian in the night time drink, I was a little hesitant.   Most of the products that I have tried with valerian either smelled horrible, tasted horrible, or both. 

I was pleasantly surprised that neither drink smelled bad at all.  In fact, they smelled nice.  The both tasted really good too. 

The daytime worked great in that I was relaxed, but didn’t feel sleepy.  It was nice.  My muscles in my neck and upper back usually get really tense.  This helped to keep me relaxed enough that my muscles didn’t do that at all.  Plus I was able to focus better.  My mind didn’t seem to wander as much.

The nighttime relaxed me to the point that I fell into a nice deep sleep.  The nights that I used it, I actually slept through the night, which is something that I haven’t done in a very long time.




Contest open to US and Canada residents only.  Winner will receive 3 bottles of RelaxZen Day and 3 bottles of RelaxZen Night.

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