With April Fool’s Day fast approaching, what better way to prank your friends, family and coworkers then with the EvilTron from ThinkGeek.

Shane from ThinkGeek was kind enough to send me one to try out on family.  Of course, the first person I decided to do this on would be my brother-in-law, Steve.  He thinks he is the practical joker of the family.  And we sometimes let him believe it too.  However, my sister Brenda and I are the ones that usually get him good.  My sister Debbie (his wife) just doesn’t even come close to measure up.

First let me tell you about this little gem of a gag.  As you can see in the above picture (from ThinkGeek website) it is just slightly bigger then a quarter.  What you can’t tell from the picture is that the small metal disk on the back is a magnet.  So you can stick it just about anywhere. 

The EvilTron makes five different sounds.  Then it also has a random mode.  The sounds are something creaking, something scratching, a gasping breath, a child’s giggle, and an eerie voice saying “Hey can you hear me?” One thing I like is that you can tell when you are on the random setting because when you hit the button it makes a beep.  It will also give two beeps when it turns off.

You can actually set this thing up and live it there for quite awhile.  In fact, the battery lasts one month while being on at all times.  So just set it up and forget it until your unsuspecting victim starts to freak out.

So I hid this in Steve’s home office.  I used the magnet to attach it to the side towards the back of his file cabinet.  I had it set to random.  So it was constantly giving the different sounds.  At first he didn’t really realize that anything was going on.  I think it was because he had his stereo blasting as he sat and scanned in some old pictures.  However, a little while later he came running into the office that Debbie & I share.  He was freaking out.  He kept sputtering out that his office was haunted.  He wanted to call someone to come do an exorcism or something.  So I told him that I would go check it out.  I went in by myself and turned the EvilTron off.  Didn’t want him to get too suspicious.

The next day, while he went downstairs to make himself some lunch, I snuck into his office and turned the EvilTron back on.  Afterwards, he came back upstairs and went back to work.  Shortly after being in his office, he came running over to Debbie and I again.  He was completely freaking out.  This time, I just couldn’t hold it in.  I started laughing uncontrollably.  That was when he knew that I was somehow behind it. 

It took him a few days before he discovered the EvilTron.  But those few days were so sweetly satisfying.  Below is a video that I shot using the KinKast app on my iPhone.


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