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Fifteen-year-old Scotty Dawn travels to movie sets with her mom, Charley, a food designer. Scotty is determined to discover what she wants from life. She’s even documenting the journey on her “Hollywood Nobody” blog. But as Scotty begins to ask tough questions, will her story have a happy ending?


Book Review


I usually don’t like to start a review with the bad part of the book, but here it goes.  The worst part was that I couldn’t put it down.  Literally!  I was unable to sleep last night, so at 1am I started reading.  I didn’t go to sleep after 4am when I finally finished the book.  I read it in one sitting, that’s how good the book was.

The way the book was written was very interesting.  It was part blog, part diary, and part live action. 

Scotty Dawn has lived her life on the road with her mom.  They travel from movie location to movie location in their old beat up RV.  The little human contact she has comes from internet, CB radio, and on the set.  She has never had the time to make friends her own age.

As most normal teenage girls, Scotty writes her pains and joys in her diary.  However, at this newest location, she decides to start a blog.   This blog is going to dish on all the juicy gossip she picks up on the sets.  She calls herself Hollywood Nobody because even though she is around all these famous people, she is just a speck in the background.

Things start getting weirder then normal.  Charlley is looking much more scared then usual.  Scotty couldn’t help but to start asking questions.  Did she really want the answers to those questions though.

Being on the road as much as she was, Scotty never had the opportunity to learn about Jesus or God.  As they are entering town, she notices a sign for a tent revival and decides to go.  It’s interesting to hear her views on the tent revival.  Especially since she has had no connection with any Church. 

This book is written towards the YA crowd, but I feel it is one of those that can be read and enjoyed by any age.  There are several in this series.  This was book one.  One thing I like about the book, is that it answered enough questions that you feel satisfied , but left some unanswered that you still want more. 

Special Offer


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