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Irresistible, long sought by readers, and now in paperback for the first time, Secrets of Paris shows New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice at her most incandescent — a deeply moving story of true love, abiding friendship, and a once perfect marriage in precarious balance.

Lydie McBride has always embraced life to the fullest. But when an unthinkable tragedy strikes her family, everything she believes in is shattered. Her art-historian husband, Michael, watches the passion disappear from Lydie’s eyes and from their marriage, and hopes an assignment to Paris will help them reclaim a love that once seemed unassailable. But the City of Lights holds secrets and seductions for them both, including the mysteries of an alluring Frenchwoman with whom Michael will work.

And Lydie’s unexpected friendship with two dramatically different women will enable her to find a new life. Will there be a place for the man with whom she always wanted to share that life... if she can find him again?

Book Review


I find it interesting to go back to the beginnings when it concerns authors.  The first few books are always a glimpse of where they have been.  Luanne Rice has come a long way since she first wrote Secrets of Paris.  I still loved this book, but it wasn’t as polished as her newer books.

Having read a good deal of Luanne Rice’s books, I have to say that her earlier works were a little weak.  I guess I have that high expectation from some of her later works.  It is still a nice read though.

The friendship between Lydie, Patrice, and Kelly really drove the story.  There were a few twists along the way though.  They provided for a nice diversion. 

And of course, we can’t leave out that this whole story is set in Paris.  The imagery of Paris that the author provides is truly wonderful.  I have always been fascinated by Paris. 

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