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Are you a Power Seeker? Or are you a Seeker of Feelings?

The Book of You by James Tolbert is a philosophical discussion of how you can control your own destiny by getting in touch with your feelings.

It includes an alphabetical arrangement of words that can be used to help you reach within yourself and discover your authentic feelings, and not just the mask of emotions we all too often present to the world. This book is not only ''...about our existence; where we have been, and where we are going in our future as the human race...,'' but it is also a guidebook for you to help you find your direction in life.

The Book of You is for you.

You should read this not as a book, but as a guide. When you pick it up you can look for the word that you are dealing with at that point in your life or you can just open it and the page that you pick will be for you.

Book Review


Having a love of words, this book was extremely interesting to me.  In the beginning, there is a preface and an introduction.  After that everything is a listing of different words.

For each word, you don’t see the classical definition that you would find in a dictionary.  Instead you read about how these words affect our emotional and mental well-being.

I am going to show you a word as an example.  It is one that I use a lot.  One of my crutch phrases in life is “I guess”. 


We use this word to make our life a lot easier, and half the time, we are wrong.  We second-guess our own thoughts (more than we should).  When you use your mind or your knowledge to guess, you will probably be wrong; but when you look to your inner spirit to make a guess, you will often find the right answer.  Guessing only has to do with life experiences, not knowledge.  This is another word that allows you to use and sharpen your sixth sense.  Looking to your inner spirit for a guess, will most certainly bring an answer.

This book allows us to look at how we use language.  It gives quite a bit of insight into our behavior as well.

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