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This girl is different... That s what Evie has always told herself and it s true. Home-schooled by her counter culture mom, she s decided to see what high school is like for the first time for her senior year. And what a year it is.

As it turns out, it s not just Evie who s Different. Lots of people are. Many of her assumptions about others are turned on their heads as she makes friends with kids her own age for the first time, discovers what s good and what s bad about high school, and learns lessons about power and its abuse both by the administration and by Evie herself.

Book Review


Even though I finished the book, I am still on the fence about it.  On one hand, I liked the story a lot.  On the other hand, some of the characters were either flat or way too cliché. 

Evie had been raised by her flower power mom.  She was even home schooled.  However, Evie decides that she wants to spend her last year in high school with the regular kids.  So she enrolls in a local high school.

Evie’s mom was extremely wishy washy.  As long as Evie wasn’t really bothering her, Evie could do whatever she wanted.  So Evie grew up without any parental guidance or authority figure in her life.

Now flash forward to Evie entering high school.  We all know that schools are bound by rules and regulations.  Even though you may not like them, they are still there and need to be obeyed.  Evie has difficulty with this concept.

This book does deal with bullying in school.  I just think that the characters could have either been a little less cliché or maybe a little more drawn out.

This Girl Is Different (9781561455782): JJ Johnson: Books

ISBN: 1561455784
ISBN-13: 9781561455782

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