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Free at last! Free at last! This ain't your grandfather's Huckleberry Finn.It's nineteenth century America and a mutant strain of tuberculosis is bringing its victims back from the dead. Sometimes they come back docile, and other times vicious. The vicious ones are sent back to Hell, but the docile ones are put to work as servants and laborers. With so many zombies on the market, the slave trade is nonexistent. The black man is at liberty, and human bondage is no more. Young Huckleberry Finn has grown up in a world that shuns the N-word, with its scornful eye set on a new class of shambling, putrid sub-humans: The Baggers. When his abusive father comes back into his life, Huck flees down the river with Bagger Jim, seeking a life of perfect freedom. When the pox mutates once again, causing even the tamest of baggers to become bloodthirsty monsters, the boy Finn is forced to question his relationship with his dearest, deadest friend. In this revised take on history and classic literature, the modern age is ending before it ever begins. Huckleberry Finn will inherit a world of horror and death, and he knows the mighty Mississippi might be the only way out . . .

Book Review


This is the next installment of the zombified classics.  This one is done by W. Bill Czologosz.  I don’t know if you had read any of the ones done by some of the other authors.  If you did, then this will not live up to your expectations.

I know that most of the other zombified classics have much more zombie action in them.  This one was basically the original story with just a few things changed.   The most glaring change was that Jim is now a zombie.  Instead of using African Americans as slaves in this version.  They are now using zombies.  The negative word that they chose for the zombies is baggers. 

I wasn’t too thrilled with this book.  I felt like I was back in middle school English class reading Adventures of Huck Finn instead of a zombie story.  Maybe you will see things in another light.

What do you think of all these classics getting a facelift?

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