Book Tour–An Atlas of Impossible Longing


Book Description


Already a sensation around the world:  family life meets historical romance in an astonishing novel about two people who find each other when abandoned by everyone else, marking the signal American debut of a writer who richly deserves her international acclaim.

On the outskirts of a small town in Bengal, a family lives in solitude in their vast new house.  Here, lives intertwine and unravel.  A widower struggles with his love for an unmarried cousin.  Bakul, a motherless daughter, runs wild with Mukunda, an orphan of unknown caste adopted by the family.  Confined in a room at the top of the house, a matriarch goes slowly mad; her husband searches for its cause as he shapes and reshapes his garden.

As Mukunda and Bakul grow, their intense closeness matures into something else, and Mukunda is banished to Calcutta.  He prospers in the turbulent years after Partition, but his thoughts stay with his home, with Bakul, with all that he has lost – and he knows that he must return.

Book Review


This was definitely an interesting book.  One of the things that was great was the imagery.  This is definitely not one of those quick read books.  Its more like one that you want to read slowly and savor like a fine wine. 

The characters were easy to get into.  You really got to know them since you were shown basically their entire lives.  The only thing that I saw that I felt should have been told more was what happened with Meera.  I really would have liked to know.

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