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Marcus Williams and Francis Ackerman Jr. both have a talent for hurting people. Marcus, a former New York City homicide detective, uses his abilities to protect others, while Ackerman uses his gifts to inflict pain and suffering. When both men become unwilling pawns in a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of our government, Marcus finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse trapped between a twisted psychopath and a vigilante with seemingly unlimited resources. Aided by a rogue FBI agent and the vigilante's beautiful daughter--a woman with whom he's quickly falling in love--Marcus must expose the deadly political conspiracy and confront his past while hunting down one of the most cunning and ruthless killers in the world.

Book Review


This was a great book that had me on the edge of my seat.  Many times I was in complete shock as to what was happening.  It is not often that a book will be able to surprise me many times throughout.  This one managed to.

It was extremely well written and I absolutely could not put it down.  The story was so fast paced and full of action.  The characters were well developed.

There are so many things I would love to say about this book.  However, I had vowed to myself when I started reviewing that I would never give spoilers.  And this is one of those books that has so many twists and turns that sharing something would almost always be a spoiler.

The book cover has a quote from Andrew Gross stating “A fast paced, all too real thriller with a villain right out of James Patterson and Criminal Minds.”  I couldn’t agree more. 

This is one of those books that when it ends you are sad because you don’t want to stop reading it.  I will definitely be keeping a watch on this author. 

You don’t want to miss this book!!



The Shepherd (9781936558063): Ethan Cross: Books

ISBN: 1936558068
ISBN-13: 9781936558063


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