C is for Crime Dramas

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One of my favorite types of TV shows is the crime drama.  I get so involved in watching the mysteries unfold.

Of course, my all time favorite is NCIS, with Abby being my favorite character.  I try my best not to miss an episode.  The interaction between Gibbs and his team is incredible.  I have to admit that I like Ziva more then I liked Kate.  I so want a Burt The Hippo.  He is so awesome!!  And why can’t we get a decent cup of Caf-Pow?

Another great crime drama is Criminal Minds.  I don’t always get a chance to watch this one when it is on.  So I have the DVR set to record it.   Shemar Moore (the guy who plays Morgan) is HOT!  I loved watching him on Birds of Prey. 

What are your favorite shows?

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