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No other obsession strikes as hard as the love that hits a teenaged boy - especially if he's the sort of kid who is no saner than he wants to be.  From the moment Adam Webb sees Francine Haggard in the van that is supposed to return them to the Institute Loiseaux -the two young mental patients are inextricably connected. Adam will never let this girl go.

From hiding her in his bedroom to spiriting her away to Minnesota's north woods, "Miss Entropia" becomes the focus of Adam's every thought and of everything he does. He believes her to be a goddess, his own goddess.

But the pyromaniacal Miss Entropia will be neither worshiped nor owned. And so Adam's possessiveness is destined to push her to the breaking point.

Theirs is an incendiary love story, an unbalanced Romeo and Juliet, that spins and arcs its way strangely toward tragedy.

Book Review


This book was both disturbing and funny at the same time.  George Rabasa takes you deep into the minds of two mental patients.  We get to take a look into the mind of Adam as he obsesses over Francine who calls herself “Miss Entropia”.  Adam will go to whatever end is necessary in order to keep her as his own.  However, Francine doesn’t agree with that.  She has her own plans.

The book was written from Adam’s point of view, so we get to see more into his mind then Francine’s.   This is one ride that will take you into the darkest corners of the human mind, but show them to you with a dark comedy that will sweep the gloom away.


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