G is for Genealogy

One of my passions is genealogy.  I absolutely love working on the family tree.  I have met some very interesting people while working on my tree.

I found some cousins on my mom’s side that I never knew before.  Some are in Canada (where my mom is from) and some are in Great Britain (where my grandparents are from).

We have had some mysteries in our family tree.  One of which is nearly solved.  I had already written about Louisa Needs and her loves to rival Erica Kane back on Nov 19, Nov 30, and Dec 6.  I have found out a few more things since then. 

First off, there were rumors that Louisa had kicked her daughter Mary Elizabeth out because she was unwed and pregnant.  The story goes that Liz had moved to Windsor after being kicked out.  Her brother Alex returned from WW2 upset to find out that she was kicked out.  He then moves to Windsor to help her out.  So she names her son after him.

This is so false that it is unbelievable.  First off, we now have a copy of Liz’s marriage certificate.  Liz was married well before Alex left to serve in WW2.  She was married with more then enough time to have gotten pregnant AFTER she got married.  Her first son’s name is Archibald, named after his dad.  Her third child is named Alex, after her brother.

So now we have to figure out why Louisa lied.  Well, now that we know the mystery that she was hiding, that became an easy one.  Louisa didn’t want her children to know about the other fathers.  She was trying to raise all the children as if they were all William Robert Pearson’s.  We know that this is true because one of her kids had passed that knowledge down.  However, that person had heard rumors that there were other fathers involved. 

Now when we look at Liz’s marriage certificate, the one thing that stands out against all of her siblings is the fact that she actually uses her birth fathers name on there and uses his last name as her own.  So it stands to reason that the reason Louisa broke off contact with Liz is because Liz wanted to honor her father by using his name. 

The other mystery I have is John Flynn.  He is difficult to pin down.  We know that his marriage to my great grandmother was at least his second marriage.  He was born in Ireland, but was married and lived in Scotland.  We are not sure where in Ireland he was born.  The census and marriage records only list Ireland.   We know his approximate year of birth, but can’t pin down anything else.   We aren’t going to give up our search though.

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