Mother’s Day not that far away

Mother’s Day is coming up in less then a month on May 8th.  It brings back so many wonderful memories of my mom.  Plus my mom’s birthday is right after Mother’s Day on May 18th.

One thing my mom taught me was that no matter what is thrown at you, you just have to keep going.  My mom had persevered through so much in her life.

When she was only 12, her parents got divorced and moved to different sides of Canada.  Her sister and her dad stayed in Ontario.  While she went with her mom over to live in Alberta.  My mom only stayed with her mom for about a year more.

At the tender age of 13, my mom got a job and moved out on her own.  She lived in a boarding house in Ontario.  Thankfully, the owners of the boarding house were really nice and they watched over her.  You have to understand, that back in the 1940s things were much different.  Child labor laws were completely different then they are now.

My mom didn’t have anything past a seventh grade education due to the fact that you had to pay for schooling beyond that.  When my mom was 16, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  This is a very difficult disease to deal with.  Yet my mom persevered.

She had me late in life.  In fact, my sisters were teens when I was born.  When I started kindergarten, my mom went and got her GED.  This was important to her.  She wanted to do more with her life.  And even though she was riddled with a horrifically crippling disease and was in her 40s, this did not stop her.

After getting her GED, she went on to nursing school.  She happily worked many, many years until her retirement as a nurse at the local community hospital.  Throughout her career there, she was well loved by the other staff and the patients.

She knew what pain was like and when a patient was having a difficult time with theirs, she was able to be even more compassionate.

One thing that I learned from my mom is how to be a strong woman even though life has thrown me many curve balls.

Mother’s Day was always big for us because I loved my mom so much and knew that she deserved to be honored.

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