Review & Giveaway–Gorton’s

I recently received 2 coupons from Gorton’s to allow me to get any of their frozen foods.  I bought the beer battered fish tenders and the crispy beer battered shrimp.

First off, my brother-in-law will normally eat just about anything you put in front of him.  In fact, we refer to him as the human garbage disposal.  However, the one thing he refuses to eat are fish sticks or tenders.  He remembers back in the day the ones that they served at school.  Now this is going quite a ways back in time so cafeteria food was pretty bad back then.

So when my brother-in-law heard what I was cooking, he was stomping around, pouting like a little kid instead of acting like a 45 year old man.  He was upset that I was going to cook food that he hates.  Well, since he was acting like I kid, I decided to treat him like a kid.  I told him that he had to eat all his food or he couldn’t get dessert.

As soon as he took his first bite, he couldn’t shovel it in fast enough.  He realized that he actually loved it.  He couldn’t believe that it didn’t taste like what he remembered it.

He actually liked it so much that he went out and bought more to have in the house.  And since we had seen those commercials by Gorton’s for the fish tacos.  Those looked interesting so we decided to give them a try.  They were fabulous. 

I can’t wait until we try out another one of their recipes next Friday. 

Right now, Gorton’s has two different sweepstakes going on.  There is only one day left to enter the Seafood Lover’s Sweepstakes which is a dream vacation for two.  It’s easy to enter.  Just head on over to their website, sign up for the newsletter and fill out a form. 

The other one is a combination sweepstakes for Gorton’s and Ortega.  It’s called the BFF Sweepstakes.  The prize is a home theater system for you and another for your best friend.  So start digging through your photos and find a great one of you and your best friend.  Then head on over and enter to win.  This one runs until May 5th.

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