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Scotty and Charley are headed for Marshall, Texas, with Biker Guy once more close on their trail. As Scotty tries to come to terms with the reality of her parents’ deaths, she grows friendly with the locals. That makes staying hidden challenging.

But there’s got to be more to life than fear, and through new friendships, Scotty learns that this prayer thing might work after all. Will prayer be enough when the situation is life and death? What happens when Biker Guy finally catches up to her?


Book Review


This is the second book in the Hollywood Nobody series.  I already did a review on the first book, Hollywood Nobody.

Once again, I read this entire book in one sitting.  I just could not put it down. 

In the last book we are left off with Scotty and Charley being chased down by Biker Guy.  We are unsure of who he is, but we have an idea of why he is chasing after them.  This book you will have that one blown wide open.  And let me tell you, I was surprised.

Scotty befriends a girl her age named Grace.  She finds out that Grace is pregnant and living in horrible conditions.  She wants to do something to help Grace, but she is afraid since they are on the run from Biker Guy.

Once again, Lisa Samson delivers with a great story and even better characters.   I wish I had a sister like Scotty.  She is funny, intelligent, and caring.  She is the type of person that will go to extremes to help someone out. 

If you haven’t gone out to get the series after my review of the first book, then what are you waiting for?  These are relatively quick reads that you will not want to put down. 

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