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The world has been fascinated by Hollywood, California, for years. The glamour, the sophistication, the scandal—the world can't help but follow the happenings of this incredible city. It is a city where stories are created, stories that come to life on a screen and allow viewers the chance to escape their everyday lives for a bit. But few people know the story of how Hollywood came to be. In this beautifully written biography, author Gaelyn Whitley Keith introduces readers to her great-grandfather, HJ Whitley, The Father of Hollywood. Keith uses her research and her great-grandmother Gigi's journal and memoir to recreate the story of HJ's life, a story as captivating as any film. You'll travel to the Midwest, interacting with cowboys and Native Americans. You'll cruise around the world. But most importantly, you'll watch the development of an unforgettable community. You'll witness the creation of Whitley Heights. You'll learn how the famous Hollywood sign came to be. And you'll discover just what brought the movie industry to its home. One man was behind it all. It's time to meet The Father of Hollywood.



Book Review


The Father of Hollywood details the life and times of H.J. Whitley.  The story is told by his great granddaughter who gathered the information through family journals, diaries, newspaper clippings, and oral history.

Having been working on my family history, I have become engrossed with the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Granted, my family was still in Great Britain and Canada at the time.  Its still very interesting to read about those years.  It was a time when society was changing very rapidly.  And unless you were a forward thinking person, you were left in the dust.  Whitley was one such man. 

He had a tragic childhood.  His parents died while he was still young.  He moved from Canada to Chicago to start a new life for himself.  It was his drive and determination that allowed him to continuously pick up the pieces of his life and move on.

He is noted as founding 140 towns with Hollywood, California being the brightest one.  He rubbed elbows with many famous people during his life. 

If you like reading about history, then you will love this book.  The author made you feel like you were right there alongside H.J. and Gigi.

One thing that I would like to note is that if you buy the book, you also get a code in the back to allow you to download the audio book as well.

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