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David Ponder is back. This time the fate of mankind is in his hands.

This is mankind’s last chance. Centuries of greed, pride, and hate have sent humanity hurtling toward disaster, and far from its original purpose. There is only one solution that can reset the compass and right the ship, and it consists of only two words.

With time running out, it is up to David Ponder and a cast of history’s best and brightest minds to uncover this solution before it is too late. The catch? They are allowed only five tries to discover the answer.

Readers first encountered David Ponder in The Traveler's Gift. Now, in The Final Summit, Andrews combines a riveting narrative with astounding history in order to show us the one thing we must do when we don’t know what to do.

Book Review


I had not read the previous book in the series.  There were some references to the first book that I didn’t get, but they didn’t hamper my enjoyment of this book in any way.  In fact, I now want to get the first book to read it too.

This was a very powerful book.  David is sent by the Archangel Gabriel to host a world summit that will help decide the fate of all of humanity.  In order to save the world, David must meet with important historical figures to figure out the two words that will alter the course of humanity.

If I had to choose two words that describe this book, they would be thought provoking!  I had recently read online someone saying “In order to move forward, you have to go back.”  At first, I wasn’t sure what they meant.  Now I definitely do.  It is only through the past and our experiences that we are able to move forward and make a better life for ourselves.

This is the most powerful piece of fiction that I have read in a long time.


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