Review–Wheels: The Laws and Theories of Reincarnation


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Are you fascinated by the laws of reincarnation? Do you ever wonder who you were in your past lives or who those close to you were? Often the people who are close to you in this life were relatives in a former life. A brother/sister relationship in a previous life can lead to a failed marriage in this one. Would you like to know how much longer you have to live or whether a public or violent death can be avoided?

These may seem like mysteries that can't be solved, but Joanna Marks gives the reader a step-by-step analysis of natal charts, or Wheels, that will answer these questions and many more. She explains how your nodes of the moon can give you hints as to your identity in past lives. In some cases, an early death can even be avoided by simply moving to a new location. Marks also shows you how to find your daughter- or son-in-law in your astrological sign. Diagrams of the various wheels are included, as well as an in-depth analysis of her own wheel, so you can better understand how to do yours.

Book Review


I have always been fascinated by astrology and reincarnation.  I grew in a household that studied this immensely.

I was really looking forward to this book since it actually combines the two.  I dusted off an astrological chart that I had done in anticipation.

The book had lots of great information in it.  However, it was extremely confusing.  Even though there weren’t many pages to the book and it was written in large text, it took me quite a long time to work my way through it.  She kept switching back and forth talking about your chart, your kids chart, your parents chart.  All within one paragraph.

Now I do not consider myself to be an expert of any kind in the ways of astrological charts.  However, if I have an ephemeris, I am quite capable of plotting my own charts.  So this should have given me a slight advantage since this book seems to be written for a novice.  Yet, I was still considerable confused.

I was able to pull a few things from this book that I could use.  Otherwise, this is one that I would suggest passing by.  Especially if you are a novice in astrology.

If you do decide to pick up this book, you will need astrological charts made.  If you do not have one done already, there is a good website that I recommend that does them for free.

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