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Yoga has been practiced for more than five thousand years, and close to eleven million Americans are enjoying its health benefits currently. However, those who are not height/weight proportionate have been excluded from trying yoga to improve all aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, there are very few yoga classes that are geared toward those who are plus-sized. After clearly explaining the components of Kundalini Yoga and how to practice yoga and meditation at home, the book then details nine postures, seven yoga sets, and eight meditations. Guidance is provided on possible challenges the plus-sized might experience. There are even short (three-minute) meditations for those who don't have time to meditate. Those with smaller waists will also find the material in this book helpful. All this is done with lightness and humor while still being true to all elements of yoga.

Book Review


I really loved this book.  First off, the book is big with huge print.  This is great when you are trying to figure out the poses.  You can have it open in front of you and be able to read it without a problem.

Second, they really make you feel that no matter what size you are, no matter what age you are, and no matter your fitness level, you can do some form of each exercise. 

There is a section that tells you if you are needing something specific (i.e. energy pick up, release tension, ease pain) which poses to work with.  I thought this was great since we don’t always have enough time in the day for a whole work out.  Instead you can just focus on a few poses that are targeted to what you need at the moment.

The book also explains the different mantras that they use.  It tells how to pronounce them.  And as an added benefit, it tells you what they mean.  So you aren’t just saying sounds that have no meaning.  You know the meaning and can put emotion to those meanings.

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