Avery Sweepstakes

I know that many of you are like me.  You love to find various sweepstakes on the internet that are easy to enter.

I have come across one that I wanted to share.  Everyone knows Avery and their sticky notes.  Well, they have a new line of sticky notes that you can see through.  It makes it nice to be able to make notes about something without obscuring whatever it is that you are making notes about.

So to help promote this new product, Avery is holding a HUGE sweepstakes.  They are giving away packs to 20,000 winners.  Yes, you read that right.  That is 20,000 winners.  That makes your chances that much better.

And in addition to that, they are giving away to 5 lucky winners a special treat to the school of their choice, 100,000 Box Tops for Education vouchers.

Head over to their facebook page today to get signed up!

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