Perfectly Crazy



Book Description


Sexy, stylish and successful, Nell always prided herself on her common sense. So why is she suddenly crazy for David, her married best friend of twenty years?

With a single kiss, Nell s perfect Californian life turns upside down. All the safety of her well-adjusted marriage to a respected plastic surgeon and her growing fashion business pale in comparison to the passion experienced in that kiss. Can she go on as before, or will she make the biggest change of her life? Will she face disaster and tragedy, or perhaps adventure and a second chance? Or possibly all of the above?

Find out from this fast paced book where the sceneries are changing as fast as the movies. Life is full of surprises and challenges that anyone would call perfectly crazy yet they may become reality one day. Or will they?

Book Review


Unfortunately, this book was difficult for me to really get into.  I think one of the main reasons that I had problems with it was that main “hero” of the story, David, was cheating on his wife with the main “heroine” of the story, Nell.  Infidelity is a very touchy subject and that fact that David’s wife was pregnant really just made things worse.

It is a very quick read though.  The book is extremely short.  That being said, it still took me a couple of days to get through it.  Mainly because I could not relate to the characters.


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