Update on Little Ben

Thank you everyone for all the prayers that you have been sending Ben’s way.

He had the surgery.  However, he is still having seizures and they are now showing up in a different part of his brain.  The doctors are unsure how or why this is happening.  So they are keeping him still in a coma.

They said that until he is able to stop seizing they need to do this for his own health.  It’s not like small little seizures every now and then.  They are huge long ones that are uncontrollable.  The other day he had a seizure for over 3 hours long. 

They aren’t even sure at this point how he is going to be when they do wake him up.  They aren’t sure what kind of damage this has done to his brain.  There is a chance that he will have to learn to talk and walk again. 

It’s just so disheartening to think that even though modern medicine is so advanced, there are things that they just have no clue about.

So as it stands, we are just in a holding pattern with him. 

This coming Friday is his 7th birthday.  And Halloween is his favorite holiday.

It’s a shame that he will be missing out on both.  I just hope that they get a grasp on this and get him under control soon. 


Lisa Weidknecht said…
Oh my, so sad. I'm praying for him. Thank you for the update.
Amy said…
<3 Prayers are still going out for little Ben

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