Ben is improving!!

I just really wanted to thank everyone for all their prayers for Ben.  They have helped A LOT!

The doctors still have no clue what caused his seizures.  And they can’t figure out why they are stopping either.

They have had him awake for almost a week now.  He is seizure free at this point.  They are weaning him off of the rest of his medicines.

We did have some rough points there at first.  He was literally going through detox.  It was scary and sad to watch one so little go through the same symptoms that junkies go through when coming off of their “fixes”. 

However, with lots of prayers and love, he has made it through this.

We still have a long road ahead of us.  Since he has been laying in bed for almost 3 months, his muscles have atrophied.  They said he will need tons of therapy to get him back on his feet again.

Even though he only attended 1 day of the first grade, he was the tallest kid in the classroom.  Now he will have to repeat the first grade again because he missed too much already.  Plus they aren’t sure where he will be on the learning scale until he is completely off all the medicines. 

We still don’t know how much he can see out of his left eye yet.  The doctor has commented that when you put your hand near his left eye, he doesn’t blink. He does blink with the right eye though.  So it looks like the right eye wasn’t affected at all.

They are going to do some testing on him today to see if his swallowing reflexes are fine.  If they are, then he will be allowed soft foods and liquids.  Right now he is still on the feeding tube.  But he is getting upset because he says he is hungry and wants food.  We are hoping that is a good sign.

We had a fundraiser for the family on Tuesday at a local BBQ place called Scruby’s.  Thank you to everyone who turned out to help raise money to offset some of the costs.  It is greatly appreciated. And thank you to Scruby’s for donating 20% of the checks to help out Ben’s family!!


Amanda said…
Such good news! I remember being so happy when our little got upset being hungry whilst in PICU, meant he was getting back to him cheeky little self! I hope Ben has more positive news in the next few weeks x

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