Holiday Guide: Tom & Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures




Whether you want someone to rekindle their youth by revisiting old cartoons they loved or you want to share your youth with your kids and grandkids, this is a wonderful DVD to buy.

There are 14 different cartoons that brought me right back to my childhood years.  It was always fun to watch the antics of Tom racing around frantically trying to catch Jerry.  Meanwhile, Jerry was always just a little too smart to be caught.  Then there were the very few cartoons when they worked together to fight a common foe. 

My great nieces loved this DVD.  They wanted to watch it over and over.  I enjoyed watching it with them since it really took me back to my childhood as well.  So it was nice to create that wonderful bond of sharing my past with them.


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Lisa Weidknecht said…
Tom and Jerry rocked my world as a kid too! By today's standards I guess it was violent, but I grew up okay. LOL

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