Taken Away


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In the midst of the biggest natural disaster in American history—Hurricane Katrina—15-year-old Summer "Sumbie" Elmwood's two-year-old sister disappears from the hospital after open-heart surgery and Sumbie is the prime suspect. But in the chaos of New Orleans after the storm, no one is looking for just one little girl. Sumbie must find her missing sister and enlists her two would-be boyfriends to help her, hoping against hope that it's not too late.

Book Review


The premise of the story is a good one.  I just think that it was very poorly executed.  This book took me quite a long time to finish reading.  It was one of those books that I kept putting down and didn’t want to pick back up.

I wasn’t drawn into the story.  I felt isolated from the characters.  Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this book.  I am not quite sure what exactly it was missing, but it was like watching a comedy skit where the comic has to explain his/her jokes to the audience.  It just didn’t work.

Taken Away (9780984531820): Patty Friedmann: Books

ISBN: 0984531823
ISBN-13: 9780984531820

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