The Shadows of Arthur’s Kingdoms

The Shadows of Arthur's Kingdom

Book Description


The Shadows of Arthur’s Kingdom is an epic fantasy about a wanna-be Royal Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, fire-breathing dragons, a dangerous quest, castles, and a self-willed, curious princess.  Readers young and old will enjoy this heartwarming story.

Book Review


As you can see by the description, the back cover of the book does not provide much to go on for what this book is about.

Supposedly this book was written by a twelve year old child.  It doesn’t have the feel that a child created it.  According to the information provided me, the mother only helped by doing some editing to it. 

I think that she did much more then just editing.  Now if they had just come out and said to begin with that the mother wrote it based off of an idea that the child had, then that would be different.  But to attempt to pass this off as having been written by the child is just a little too much.


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